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10.6.09 Nature Class//Polyvore Blog

My temple throbbed when we walked out one of the side doors to the small nature building. "Storm, can you do me a favor and darken the sky a little?" I asked her. "Of course child." Making a spectacle out of everything and never giving up a chance to flaunt her power, her eyes clouded up and a small wind moved thin clouds the same color as her eyes over the sun. The institute's grounds darkened. "Thanks." "Any time, child." She called everyone 'child', except for Kana, she called her daughter, because they typically had the same power, although Auroro [aka Storm] controlled hers a thousand times better, and during the school day Kana followed her around everywhere. It was allowed, Kana's a year younger than me. Also, Kana's power was insanely dangerous because it was effected completely by her mood, which was even more dangerous. "Your first task, join me in the sky." She said mysteriously. She took Kana's hand and helped her into the air. "I can't fly!" Jenn said, along with a few others. I thought for a moment at what Storm said. "Team work!" said someone named Sami. Greenish energy formed around him and he grabbed the nearest girl who had complained about not being able to fly, and threw her on his back. The greenish energy bounced him up to where Auroro and Kana were waiting. "Excellent thinking Sami," said Storm. "Using your power for lifting and bouncing." "I hope you don't mind, but the lift energy will run out and I might bounce during you lecture." he explained, covering his pride. "As long as your using you head." she said. "Jenn!" I motioned her over. I concentrated on a hawk circling in my mind. Shrinking, bones cracking and popping with metamorphosis, I transformed into a hawk-but I fell out of my clothes. "Hee hee, you went a bit far!" Jenn giggled, just as some others were gaining height. I found my voice box and tried to talk, but they came out as word-squawks. "I tried to go for just the wings, but it didn't work!" I explained. She laughed. "Well, can you at least grow in size so you can carry me?" "I'll try." I Squawked. I felt the marrow increase and run through my bones, enlarging them. "You are the biggest eagle I have ever seen." Said Jenn. "Hawk." I corrected, and we rose.

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